“It’s beautiful” Chris (pseudo name) broke the silence. I went “That’s what Killmonger told T’Challa. Black Panther was legendary” “Yeah he was right, nothing beats sunsets in Africa” True to these words you may agree with there is just something about Sunsets in Africa, right? Chris and I found great value in our evening walks. They were not only good for our mental health and well being but also a space where we would talk about things we were struggling with at the time. “Since we are quoting movies then, Look bro, I feel life is this and I want this” (Illustrating he wanted bigger) “Well, that is what Harvey Specter told Mike Ross” I shot back. “Dude! you know your movies” “Suits is totally worth everyone’s time!” At this moment I knew this conversation was about to take a bit a serious angle. We spent the rest of evening having a conversation about “The Tyranny of the Should” as Dr. Meg Jay states it in her book “The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter and How to Make The Most of Them Now” we talked about how the things we were struggling with, about what we should have achieved, possessed or done by that time in our lives. By the end of the walk we resorted to seeking psycho-social support to shed more light on how we, like most young people in their twenties could handle the pressure of adulting.


Why should we invest some time in Understanding psycho-social support? Because we need it! A lot of times we fight our fights alone and get overwhelmed, anxious, depressed and even suicidal. The thought that most people exclude is seeking help. Seeking help might not be a simple thing. Opening up about your life’s turbulences to someone takes courage. More often than not we need; emotional support, social support, and instrumental support for us to be in a position to get over, adjust or cope with our issues. There is power in seeking help. Counsellors and wellness experts have the skill and expertise to create healthy insights for us. They empower us to summon our strengths, Capabilities and ignite our will to purse what we need to pursue


Psycho-social support will enable you to make healthy choices. Decision making involves picking choices with greater and more pros than cons. You may not figure it out on your own sometimes. Its more like watching people play chess. When you are out of the game you easily see the moves that each player should make. But when you are the one playing its a bit of a struggle to choose your moves. Counsellors, well-being experts, support groups and other psycho-social groups easily see how we could handle our issues and lead a better life. This is among the fundamental reasons why you should seek psycho-social support. Its okay not to be okay and the okay way to turn not okay to okay is seeking psycho-social support.

Make a point of exploring the psycho-social support spaces and platforms available. To reach out to Elim Trust for psycho-social support contact +254787854329 our visit Bekim Hse, Suite 6B, Crossway Rd., Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya

 Written by Kibagendi Jairus kibagendi2018@gmail.com

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