According to a study carried by National Crime Research Centre in 2014 it was estimated 14% of Kenyan women and 6% of men aged between 15 and 49 have gone through a sexual violence ordeal at least once within their lifetime. Gender Based Violence is a global nightmare that has immensely shuttered dreams, fostered extreme issues with self-esteem, self-worth and caused a lot of emotional, psychological, and physical pain. The fact that the highest percentage of perpetrators are people quite close to the victims beats logic because naturally we expect people close to us to care for us the most. We therefore have to come to terms with the horrible truth that even people in our support system and inner circles stand equal or better chances to commit this act of crime to us.

Gender Based Violence acts can happen anywhere, even in places we think are safe. In 2018, a teenage girl-15 year old was sexually assaulted at Moi girls high school Nairobi by an alleged stranger. A school setting, home, office or even church are places we like to think of as safe places but still lots of Gender Based Violence acts take place within such spaces.

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Deep emotional, psychological, and physical abuse happens in silence within intimate relationships. In this feature story by NTV Kenya Benita shares her heartbreaking Gender Based Violence experience in her marriage. Benita’s story is just one in thousands of disheartening told and untold stories of unspeakable heart wrenching abuse. Gender Based violence cases have vastly increased globally due to the COVID-19 Pandemic struggles .Kenya, in a bid to battle the ongoing global pandic,COVID-19 the government laid mitigation measures that included: restrictions that saw the economy fall to its knees. Consequently, the country has experienced a snowball effect of social challenges among them a rapid upsurge of Gender Based Violence cases. According the ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs (where GBV cases are reported through the toll number 1195), there was a 700% increase in Gender Based Violence from 52 cases in March to 461 cases in April, 753 in May and 785 in June. Of these cases, 68% of the victims were women while 32% were cases of violence against men



Gender based violence is a crime that we should fight to have a better world for everyone. No one deserves to have their dignity diminished. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in Article 1 states that all human beings are born free and qual in dignity and rights. Article 5 stipulates that no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Everyone of us plays a role in ending gender base violence. Let us not be silent about it. Break the silence, Vunja Kalabash!

Article done by: Kibagendi jairus

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